What is a perpetual machine

How a perpetual machine works

A perpetual device is quite intricate and a new discovery in science. This is a device that can run without breaking down, I call it 100% machine. Its energy source is clean, it is the future device that can run our Industrial turbines, cars, motorcycle etc.

     Have you ever wondered why our cars or Gen break down ~~~~It is not efficient, it suffers from wears. A perpetual device never stops, it create an amazing environment and sustainable energy source. I remember in 2014 on one of Seeds(Schlumberger excellence in education development) Many schools where supported with funds to invent a new energy source, students came up with ideas like biogas extractor, electric cars, multicell Blender(CSS ORO Port Harcourt). But One school got what the Judges where looking for, this student came up with an idea of building a car that runs with water using the principle of HYDROLYSIS, it was a shock to everyone but I knew what it was a perpetual machine.
      Research been carried out now at Css Oroworukwo Port Harcourt will bring hope to the country, elite students of Css are currently working on a Perpetual device that will provide the school with electricity. You can watch the video to understand more.WE LOVE COMMENT


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