Recover facebook account

How to recover your facebook account if you lost your phone

  How to recover your Facebook account if you lost your phone

  Facebook, which is today the most visited social media platform, and traffic generation system for most Bloggers, business owners and celebrity.

Therefore the vitality of a facebook account, is crucial. With a facebook account, you can connect to thousands of people worldwide.

Today Iam going to teach you how to recover your account on facebook, if you eventually lost your phone.

Some individuals use two step authentication code generated by facebook to login into their account, whenever they login from their device or from other device.

So since you lost your phone, with your sim inside, you

be denied access to login, since you don't have access to your sim anymore.

   Four step Account recovery  process:

1.Login with your new device, using your username and password and click login, after that you will be asked to input your generated code, ignore it and click I don't have access to my phone.

2.A page will open requesting you to either upload a government issued I'd card or a picture of you holding a default code on the page,choose upload picture.

3.Write the default code a a sheet of paper, and take a pic of yourself holding the paper.

4.Upload to facebook, and input your contact email for confirmation and feedback.

  After this Facebook will contact via email, telling you to login to account.

Nb:Use opera or Chrome browser to do set up.

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  1. I lost my account and I have been trying to recover, tnks I saw your article at the right tone

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Good it helped you

  3. I tried it out and I succeeded. Admin God bless you. Am very happy for this tips you gave.

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