10 Exam tactics that works

How to pass Exam without much work

     The reason why people fail any given examination is because they create a negative message within them before and after writing examination.

   Students tends to study more close to an examination, this is due to lack of self confidence.
The reason why you keep on  failing your exams is because you have lost confidence in yourself.

  Below is 10 Exam tactics that can help you have a better Result:

• BE SMART: Learn to read and follow institutions before attempting to answer any questions.
   Students have taken the habit to ignore instructions, that's why you keep on failing.
    Every thing created has a manual. If don't go through your manual, it will cause you to fail. Always answer  with key points, don't beat around the bush.

•  BE CALM: Do not be tricked by your supervisor, remain calm and focus on your given problem and answer qualitatively.
   Avoid eye contact with them, doing so will remove exam tension in you. Don't view them as an Authority figure, but see them as your mentor who is their to guide you. Your perspective really matter, therefore be positive.

• EARLY PREPARATION: It is said early to bed early to rise. Whatever you do in life, you must have to start up early.
   Early preparation gives you the confidence to depend on yourself during examination.
   You must have a solid plan towards examination preparation, build a better studying plan and see the results.

• STUDY TIME: Your study time is the hour you have marked out for yourself to study.
    The time at which you study matters. The best time to study is at your prime time, the time you feel more energetic.
  The time when the environment is flowing with you, your happiest moment is the best time.
  I prefer studying at early hours of the day, from 2:00-4:00 am. This is my time, I feel my energized at those moments.
  This simple steps will help you find your own time.
   Keep accurate record of your activities, starting from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm. After your analysis I bet you have found out your desired time.
    Be consistent about these time and it will pay off soon.

5.STUDY LIMIT(hours):How many hours you study will not guarantee how much knowledge you absorbed.     

Setting out an estimate hour of studying is good, but you need to be specific.
  I study for 2 hrs and I  get exactly what I want, there are people who place their study time to 3-5 hours, but after everything its void.

   I want you to learn how to study less time and have massive results. I will give you the secret, this is same method, Geniuses use to get massive results.
    Studying in less hour and achieving a better result, can only be met if you follow this
    2 Hrs-Studying(Focus+Thinking) =Content. Focusing on the subject read and thinking of how you can relate it to real life solution.
  Example: Try to picture out words I.e let's say John walks 5km every morning. For you to absorb this information,have a visual description of how John walks 5 km. You can try it now!

• LOVE THE SUBJECT: There is need for you to have passion for any given subject you are offering.

Make it part of you and it will always answer to your request. You have to connect your emotions with any subject at hand.
   By so doing, you will never get tired of any subject and you will feel it at home when writing the exam.

• OBSESSION: Somebody said, "If you are not obsessed with your vision, your vision is a mere illusion.

    It means that if you don't  focus, on your vision or dream, you cannot get a quality result out of it.
  The more obsessed you become on any given task, the more outstanding result you g

•FAITH: You must develop faith in yourself, faith is the core substance of any successful event.

  Faith can be defined as an external elixir that gives power to the impulse of thought. Having faith in any given thing / event can make it become successful.
   Your success in any given exam, determines the perspective you use in highlighting the situation.

• EAT RIGHT: Eat foods like fish(Oily fish), vegetable, fruits etc. If you can get the right proportion of this food, it will improve your memory bank. You can buy soya bean and drink it, it contains lecithin, which is good for the brain.

• HAVE FUN: You heard me right have fun. Do not be consumed with the problems of life guess what, they are not life.
    All work and know play makes  Jack a dull boy. Have fun and keep your mind free, exercise yourself so that your brain cell can function well.

    If you find this article helpful, share with others or comment other exam tactics you know


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